Party at the range

Unforgettable bachelor party at a shooting range? Firing at your colleagues with a laser gun during a unique teambuilding day? You can have it!

Additional services of your choice

Book now € 15 Transfer from the airport to the hotel and back
Do you need a transfer from airport to the hotel? Yes, we can do it for you and your friends. We need only your time of landing and we can arrange this in any style you want.

Book now € 15 Brewery tour
One hour of looking to the heart of brewery with guide. You can will find out, how in Czech countries beer prepared. This tour will be ending with tasting of few glasses of beer.

Book now € 60 Bar crawl
Visit of most popular bars in Brno. With our guide you can visit everything, what you wantto see of nightlife. Parties, bars, coctails, beer, dance and lot of fun are waiting only for you and your friends. Don't wait any minute and check nightlife in town.

Book now € 48 Travel guide
Our guide will show you interesting places in town. You can see the historical center of the town or some gun factory tour. Decision is up to you. If you want different options write your wishes to the box below and we will try to fulfil all your wishes.

Book now € 140 Sexy wake up
Nice and sexy morning. Our really awesome girls, could you dance only for you. Do you like nurse, cat woman, school girl, Lara Croft, and many more costumes. You can choose, which one wake up you.

Book now € 120 Strip tease
Dance only for you and your friends, from really nice girls. Do you want some costume? You can choose, who will dance for you. Police woman, Lara Croft, Cat woman, Nurse???? Let me know, which one is your favorite.

Book now € 15 Steak and beer
Any good party need awesome meal. Good steaks and draft beer, for your favorite.

Book now € 29 Carting
Here is package for fast riders. Fastest carts in town are ready for you. 30 minutes of pure adrenaline. You don't wanna ended of this races.

Book now € 80 Wine, spirit
One evening with glass of wine. Taste local winemaker's production in wine cells. South moravian region is one of the most of production quality wine in world. You can taste from 8 to 15 types of local wine production.

Book now € 40 Ice bar
Smash your glass on floor, after you dring your shots. In ice bar is still cold and glass from ice you can smash after each round through on floor.

Book now € 120 Limousine service
Do you want a ride as a king from airport? ok, no problem. We can pick up you with limousine, with champagne. Let me know, what else you need, and can prepare it.