Why choose us?

We provide professional services, individual attitude and a great gun selection in our modern shooting range. We are one of the top shooting ranges in the Czech Republic. Our goal is to give you the ultimate shooting experience. We are company with 12 years filled with positive experience of our customers, as well as their joy from shooting with us. We want to continue sharing our experience and seeing your excitement.
If you want to try some of this pure adrenaline, don’t hesitate and contact us. You will never forget the awesome enjoyment!

Large selection of weapons

Choose your weapon! Rent any type of our pistols, rifles, shotguns, SMG’s and revolvers for your action day. We have one of the largest selections of guns that includes over 100 guns and it grows every year!

Of course, we keep some of the most favoured guns, while the unpopular leave us in order to make space for new pieces.

Expert instructors

He is wise. He is calm. He is always at your side. He is your shooting instructor. We have only professional instructors, who supervise you during your time on the range. Our instructors are helpful, kind, friendly and they will explain anything you may ask. All we require is you to listen, we are doing it for you :)

Safety is our top priority, that’s why we run a safety instruction before each shooting.

And the last thing: don't worry, we are on your side.

Shooting without a gun licence

Feel the power in your hands... it’s up to you to decide, if you still want to live your life without a gun licence. We can learn you about guns theory and practice. If you want to know more things than only basic knowledge, we have native speaker instructors for such lessons who will gladly teach you. You only need to choose one of our shooting courses.

Be better and get a lead on the field of firearms!